We run an extensive range of Train the Trainer workshops, ranging from training the new or occasional trainer up to training trainers from some of the UK's premier organisations.

We also run specialist training workshops in Training Needs Analysis, Training Design, Training Delivery and Training Evaluation. We draw eclectically from a wide range of modalities, including Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Theatre Workshop.

Above all, we believe passionately that training should be about enjoyment, experimentation and fun - in this way, people learn best.

An example of one of our Train the Trainer courses looks like this...

To provide newly or recently appointed trainers with the necessary skills, and with the confidence, to deliver effective training.

By the end of this programme, and given the opportunity to practice under guidance in the workplace, delegates will be able to:

Describe the Training Cycle and how it works

Explain and respond to the ways in which adults learn

Carry out a diagnosis of a stated training need

Create effective aims and objectives for their training

Design lively, informative and participative training programmes

Deliver training in an interesting and confident manner

Evaluate their training and describe a range of appropriate evaluation methods

Identify and deal with common problems faced by new (and experienced!) trainers

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